Spring Creek Gardens

Opening a Wholesale Account

Thank you for your interest in Spring Creek Gardens! We are a wholesale bedding plant nursery established to meet the needs of mid or larger-sized retailers, independent garden centers and landscapers. We stock a large selection of flowering plants, herbs, vegetables, hanging baskets and containers.

Our delivery routes cover most of Oregon, and we are usually in each region twice per week. We do, however, have a minimum ordering requirement of the larger of $400 or 30 flats to qualify for delivery. Payment is due on delivery until credit is established.

Because we largely grow on contract and specifically to meet our customer’s needs, we have long-term relationships with most of our stores. In addition to the individual order minimums, we would also ask that you have a need for several shipments per year so that we can adjust our production to meet your needs over time.

All orders must be placed using our online ordering system or by phone with our sales team. We do not have an onsite shopping option, although our sales staff is well-versed on crops and are happy to help you find what you need!

If we can be of service to you, please call our office at 541-688-5424 for more detailed instructions about how to established a wholesale account with us.

We look forward to speaking to you and getting to know your operation!

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